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Jolie Dress

Sale price15,000.00 TL

Don't hesitate to make fun and bold choices to draw attention with the Jolie Dress. Dazzle with the energy of red and the lush elegance of leopard print! Create a fabulous style in just a few steps.

It is the perfect choice for special events, evening receptions or parties. It easily adapts to different styles and is suitable for daily use.

Purchase this fitted dress according to your size.


- 5 cm wide high neck

- Close-fitting

- Volant bottom for extra movement

- Bold leopard print, glimmering sequins

- 150 cm dress length

 Pair with:

-  Black strappy or stiletto heels.

-  Small or large minimal earrings.

Glambils Jolie Dress
Jolie Dress Sale price15,000.00 TL