DELIVERY | Glambils


1. Delivery: Deliveries are made to the specified address and to the person who made the payment to / from the customer. The invoice is issued on behalf of the person making the payment. The correct and timely delivery depends on the accuracy and openness of the address given by the customer. The customer / member is responsible for the correct delivery of the address.

2. Delivery Time / Service Start Time: GLAMBILS will deliver your order to the Service Provider / Manufacturer after the payment process is completed and the relevant amount is transferred to the GLAMBILS account and the service subject to payment will be started by the Service Provider / Manufacturer. The delivery / service shall be started immediately after the order is approved / processed / activated and payment is made. Different delivery times depending on the type of delivery or the nature of the product are subject to the conditions stated in the approved order. The orders made / confirmed on the weekend are recorded as if they were made on the first day of the next week. The products you order will be shipped in 1-10 business days. The products reach you in about a week. Shipping fee belongs to buyer.

3. Availability: Any delays due to problems arising from suppliers / service / access providers after the approval of the order are communicated to the customer through the contact information provided. cannot be held responsible for the failure to provide the correct contact information during the delivery of the order or for the failure to reach the customer due to any changes.

4. We work with Yurtiçi cargo if it is abroad with MNG cargo.